While the most obvious sign of a burst pipe is a huge water leak, there are symptoms of a burst pipe that homeowners may notice before serious water damage occurs.

1. Fluctuating Water Pressure

A burst pipe can result in flucuating water pressure at your house. If sometimes it feels like hardly any water is coming out of the shower head but then blasts you in the face, you could have a plumbing problem.

2. Discoloured, Smelly Water

When water pipes burst in the ground, dirt and other contaminants can get into the water. Over time, an undiscovered burst pipe will rust. The rust particles give the water a brownish tint. Additionally, the rust sets up a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause significant health issues.

If the water smells like rotten eggs, that could be a sign of leaking sewage. Hydrogen sulphide is a naturally occurring gas that forms in sewer lines and it’s extremely important that you call a plumbing professional to inspect your plumbing system. Leaking sewage can cause health problems for you and your family.

3. Clanging or Dripping Noises in the Walls

If you hear the sound of water in your walls, you probably have a broken pipe. This sound is much different from the gurgling sound you may hear if your home normally has fluctuating water pressure.

4. Mould Problems

Excess moisture caused by a burst pipe can result in mould problems throughout the house. If you notice an excessive amount of mould or mildew (or a musty smell), it’s time to call a professional plumber to investigate and diagnose the problem.

5. Puddles Under Sinks

Another symptom of a burst water pipe is standing water. You may notice puddles underneath sinks. A leak in a pipe can result in puddles near the leaking area. If you notice standing water anywhere in your home, make sure to call a plumber immediately.

6. High Water Bills

If your water bill is suddenly out of control without any significant shifts in use, you may have a pipe leaking into the ground or other area of your home. Make sure to call a plumber even if you don’t notice any leaking water so that the issue can be resolved before it results in extensive water damage.

7. Water Marks

Another symptom of a burst water pipe is water marks on the wall. Most pipes run behind the walls and if they’re leaking or burst, they can leave marks on the wall. You may also notice dampness on the walls or squishy parts. Call a plumber to check it out before you find yourself with a bigger problem.

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